3 ways to maintain and care for your commercial roof

3 ways to maintain and care for your commercial roof

Although installing a roof is no easy task, it is only the beginning of the work. Caring for and maintaining your commercial roof after installation is vital to the health and longevity of the job. 

We wanted to point out three easy things you can do to help keep your roof in top shape. If you can take care of your roof now, before there are any serious problems, it will save you a lot of time and money down the road. 

1. Keep water drained off of your roof

If you aren’t careful, it’s really easy to let water build up on your roof’s surface. This is especially true if you live in a rainy area. However, this can cause a lot of long-term damage if left untreated. 

If you have any flat portions of your roof make sure you are checking it every so often to ensure that water isn’t standing on it. There should be some kind of drainage system in place, so just make sure that nothing is clogging your roof’s drain every so often. 

Most water should drain off or evaporate in 48-72 hours. If it doesn’t, you may need to call a professional in to have it checked out. 

2. Watch for leaks

A leaky ceiling is an early indicator that you have some serious issues with your roof. If you notice any water coming into your building from the ceiling, have the roof checked out immediately. 

Depending on your building, it may be a simple fix, but sometimes this can indicate a much larger issue. Try to catch leaks as early as possible, as this will help to minimize the costs and damage later on. 

3. Have your roof inspected regularly

Although you can do some things to mitigate long-term damage, you really should have a professional come in to inspect your roof on a regular basis. At least once per year, a professional roofer should take a look at your commercial roof, just to ensure there aren’t any leaks or other problems. 

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