Roof Pavers

A roof paver system is a great application for home and commercial settings. They add some functional design and aesthetic appeal to the overall look of a building, a flat walking surface over a sloped roof, and provide protection for a roof from weather elements. Most products that make up a roof paver system can be used for different applications - like patios, decks, and flat roofs. They combine durability, performance, and protection, as well as a level and safe footing. There are many types of paver systems from concrete, porcelain, wood deck, and even artificial grass.

How are roof pavers installed? A waterproofing membrane is installed typically using a coverboard. Pedestals are then laid above the membrane over a protective sheet. This creates no penetrations in the waterproofing membrane. The pedestals typically have clips that are used to properly align the pavers when set into place. The pedestals can be adjusted by height to make a level surface and allow sloped surface underneath for proper drainage. Once the pedestals are all level and placed properly the pavers set into the clips to keep them in place. Use this photo next to it. –

Concrete Pavers – Concrete pavers are the most common pavers and are used on a variety of applications. Concrete pavers are the most affordable, but can still come in a variety of colors.

Porcelain Pavers – Porcelain pavers allow a variety of designs and patterns to be used. Porcelain pavers are typically similar to indoor porcelain tiles except thicker and more durable.

Wood Deck Pavers – Wood Deck Pavers are designed for constructing raised wood decks over exterior surfaces such as rooftops, terraces, and plazas, in both residential and commercial applications.

Artificial Turf Pavers – Using synthetic turf in roof deck applications allows you to enjoy the look, feel, and function of natural grass without the weight of soil or the extensive maintenance required to keep natural grass looking good. You are also able to avoid the inevitable bugs and weeds that come with having soil and natural grass on your roof.


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